Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Post #1 : Introduction


Astron is a group of amateur astronomy enthusiasts working for the spread of astronomy since 2011. Our aim is to reach out to people and incite their enthusiasm for astronomical science. Astronomy being a vast exciting and highly challenging field, it requires a thorough research, passion and motivation to explore the universe. We, at Astron, look to imbibe and excite people with this science helping them to realize the importance of astronomical science for the study of universe.

Shweta Kulkarni and Nimish Aage are  the key pillars and founders of ASTRON who formulated the working functionality of the organization. Shweta is obtaining her formal education in astronomy from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan),UK. She forms an inspiring figure in the organization through her vast knowledge of astronomy. She has been inspiring a lot of curious minds who are now looking to make a mark in the field of astronomy.
Nimish Aage has been assisting the organization since its formation. He is completing his dual specialization in Physics and Photography from Fergusson College, Pune. He is a part of many online MOOC’s and study groups online related to astronomical science. He is mainly fascinated by the science of solar system and life beyond.

We bring together all the curious minds from our interactive fun learning programs. Astronomical lectures and discussions are used to keep up with the latest happenings and developments in the field. Setting up of telescopes for public in our stargazing sessions to observe the heavenly bodies up close is one of the major sources of learning
Short stargazing sessions are organized on due request of a local organization/ group.
The annual mega event of the year ‘ASTROTAINMENT’ is usually announced in the month of may.  Every year there is a special attraction for the participants. Prominent astronomical institutions are also visited to understand the working of their operations. Overnight stargazing along with telescope is conducted.Group activities such as debate sessions, quiz competition round up the entertainment aspect.

Many youngsters inclined to astronomy are often guided for a successful career in astronomy and cosmology. We, at Astron, are committed to incite the excitement among the youngsters to take up astronomy as an important and successful career option and guide them at every step to their aim of being a successful astronomer. On this blog, we will be writing about the wonders of the universe, latest discoveries and news in the field of Astronomy and Cosmology.

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Regards Team ASTRON